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PRR Class G26C Mill Gondola
– N scale –
2190 Series
Pennsylvania 65' Mill Gondola, Classes G26C

In the 1960s, a number of Pennsylvania class G26 and G26A cars were rebuilt with larger reinforcement ribs and reclassified as G26C.  The sub-class remained in service at the time of the Penn Central merger, and a number continued generating revenue in the Conrail era.

The body and detail parts are injection molded plastic, while the underframe is diecast.  The drop ends can be positioned either up or down.  Intricate and accurate detail is present inside as well as outside.  The model rides at the prototypically-correct height above the rails, on Micro-Trains® truck frames fitted with low-profile metal wheelsets.  The style of truck frame and hand brake utilized are specified with each model.  Body-mounted coupler pockets are integrated into the underframe and body.  The model is equipped with Micro-Trains #1015 knuckle couplers.

The model will not traverse less than 12½-inch radius curves.

Also available are the following associated products:

• Micro-Trains Line - Assorted trucks without couplers.

• Micro-Trains Line - #1015 reverse draft angle body-mount short-shank couplers.

• Hay Brothers Garage - Steel beams, scrap iron, scrap metal, automobile tires, scrap aluminum and crushed autos are among the numerous loads available specifically for the G26 and sub-classes.

These products are not toys and are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

#2190 - PRR Class G26C Mill Gondola