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fine scale reproductions of North American eastern railroad prototypes
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ACF 50' Cyl 3&6-Bay Hppr
– N scale –
Item 1356
fallen flag, Conrail era

This three-bay car represents a Pennsy cylindrical that was never repainted to any of its successor roads.  The model is painted in light gray.  Obsolete load weight data and routing instruction locations are printed out in black.  Graphics and dimensional data are printed in black, white the new load data and consolidated stencil are printed in white.  The end data is printed in black on the inside end walls.  Accu-Mate couplers.   Made in United States. 

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 135600  Camera   PRR 260332   8/84   Canceled     Canceled  Not Available

These products are not toys and are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

ACF 50' Cyl 3&6-Bay Hppr
#1356 - Pennsylvania