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Passenger Car Sides
– N scale –
Item 3125
Atlantic Coast Line
Pullman-Standard 10-Roomette 6-Bedroom Fluted Sleeper
Purple Letterboards

Based on Pullman-Standard plan 4140B.  Atlantic Coast Line acquired these cars in 1949 and assigned them to the "County" series.  Painted simulated stainless steel.  Purple and silver printing.  Plastic.  Made in United States, finished in China.  Roadname and heralds used with the permission of and licensed by CSX Corporation. 

 ESM#   Reporting Marks   Era   Release Date   List Price   Current Status   
 312501  Camera   Alachua County   1949   Aug 2007   $23.95   Available  Add to Cart
 312502  Camera   Chatham County   1949   Aug 2007   $23.95   Available  Add to Cart
 312503  Camera   Nassau County   1949   Aug 2007   $23.95   Available  Add to Cart

These products are not toys and are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

Passenger Car Sides
#3125 - PS 10-6; ACL purple letterboards