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PRR Class X58 Boxcar
– N scale –
Item 2222
Lehigh Valley

Painted white with black ends; black, white and red printing.  Car class, loaders type, roofwalk status, ladder configuration and cushioned underframe type are specified below.  See individual photos for graphics arrangement.  Made in China. 

 ESM#   Reporting Marks   Serviced   Release Date   List Price   Current Status   
 222201  Camera   LV 7113 xklr   11/65   Feb 2012   $32.95   Discontinued Feb 2012  Not Available
 222202  Camera   LV 7137 xklr   12/65   Feb 2012   $32.95   Discontinued Mar 2012  Not Available
 222203  Camera   LV 8208 bknr   12/65   Feb 2012   $32.95   Discontinued Mar 2012  Not Available
 222204  Camera   LV 8213 bkpntg   12/65   Apr 2014   $36.25   Discontinued Aug 2016  Not Available

xClass X58
bClass X58B
hHydra-Cushion underframe
kKeystone underframe

pwith ACI plate
gwith PC green replacement doors
nno loader specified
lLD loaders
ras-built body
ttransitional body
vtransitional body variant
mmodern body

These products are not toys and are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

PRR Class X58 Boxcar
#2222 - Lehigh Valley