Eastern Seaboard Models
fine scale reproductions of North American eastern railroad prototypes
PO Box 301
Waldwick, New Jersey  07463-0301  U.S.A.
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Recent Updates 

003008  Class X72 Boxcar; ESM 2020 Holiday Car, ESMX 2020In Production
222303  Class X58A Boxcar; Penn Central, PC 208301In Production
222408  Class X58 Boxcar; Conrail "SORT", CR 368191In Production
222702  Class X58 Bocxar, Penn Central, PC 361644In Production
222901  Class XML-14 Boxcar; Burlington Northern, BN 281632In Production
222902  Class XML-14 Boxcar; Burlington Northern, CB&Q 23389In Production
223101  Class XL Boxcar; Milwaukee Road, MILW 3513In Production
224403  Class X65 Boxcar; Lehigh Valley, LV 7178In Production
224601  Class X65 Boxcar, Conrail re-stencil, CR 165317In Production
225503  Class XIH Boxcar; Bangor & Aroostook 2170Discontinued
228301  Class X72 Boxcar; Conrail, CR 269157In Production
228302  Class X72 Boxcar; Conrail, CR 269252In Production
228303  Class X72 Boxcar; Conrail, CR 269962In Production
228401  Class X72 Boxcar; Canadian National, CN 416381In Production
228402  Class X72 Boxcar; Canadian National, CN 416484In Production
901100  Class X58 Boxcar; Conrail "Fight Cancer", CR 368094In Production
920200  36-Inch Fine-Scale Metal Wheelsets, 12 axles, .540" lengthIn Production

These products are not toys and are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.