Eastern Seaboard Models
fine scale reproductions of North American eastern railroad prototypes
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Waldwick, New Jersey  07463-0301  U.S.A.
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 Item 0020 

ESM Company Cars
Promotional Items

These are various ESM models decorated with ESM artwork and reporting marks.  For promotional purposes only.  Made in U.S.A. 

 ESM#   Description   Release Date   List Price   Current Status   
 002001  Camera   X65 Boxcar, ESM 2017A   Jan 2018   N/A   Discontinued Jan 2018  Not Available
 002010  Camera   XIH Boxcar, ESM 2010   Aug 2010   N/A   Discontinued Aug 2010  Not Available
 002011  Camera   XIH Boxcar, ESM 2011   Apr 2011   N/A   Discontinued Apr 2011  Not Available
 002012  Camera   X58 Boxcar, ESM 2012   Feb 2012   N/A   Discontinued Feb 2012  Not Available
 002013  Camera   X58 Boxcar, ESM 2013   Apr 2014   N/A   Discontinued Apr 2014  Not Available
 002014  Camera   GSC Well Car, ESM 2014   Feb 2015   N/A   Discontinued May 2015  Not Available
 002015  Camera   GSC Well Car, ESM 2015   Dec 2015   N/A   Discontinued Dec 2015  Not Available
 002016  Camera   XIH Boxcar, ESM 2016   Dec 2016   N/A   In Transit to Warehouse  Not Available

These products are not toys and are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

Promotional Items
#0020 - ESM Company Cars