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The tooling for our upcoming HO scale Magor/PC&F XIH Boxcar model is complete and reservations are now open through January 31, 2022!  The first release is scheduled for summer 2022 and the initial roads and car numbers have been added to our product menu.  Place reservations with your favorite hobby dealer, or email to reserve.  Subscribe to our Newsletter or follow our Facebook page to remain up-to-date on project progress.

Our own N scale ASF Ride Control Trucks and Fine Scale Metal Wheels always are in stock, with the wheels available in 33" and 36" diameters and the trucks currently available in three colors!  We maintain a healthy inventory of wheels so that they are available year-round!

Schemes for our N scale bodystyles — Pennsylvania class G26 mill gondola, Magor/PC&F class XIH boxcar, Pennsylvania class X58 Boxcar, GSC 1958 Well Car, Despatch Shops class X65 Boxcar, and U.S. Railway Equipment class X72 boxcar — remain in stock. , Click on the In Stock section of the pulldown menu to see the items available. 

We continue to offer a number of 3D-printed payloads for the N scale GSC Well Car via Shapeways.  Click on the Products | N Scale | Detail Parts | Payloads menu selection to see the payloads available.

The White Tower Restaurant buildings are built via rapid-prototype technology and feature intricate detailing including fully-rendered interiors!  Our stand-alone varations have a footprint of 1½ x ¾ inches, which allows them to be placed on any small plot of land.  The models also can be integrated into the corner of a larger structure!  These models are now produced through Shapeways in FXD resolution at the time of order, so you can have your model go into production as soon as you order!  Currently available are the 1930s Art-Deco Styling, Stand-Alone, Right-Facing and the 1950s Modernized Styling, Stand-Alone, Right-Facing models in both N and Z scales!

A small camera icon next to the ESM stock number indicates a larger photo has been added.  Eventually there will be a photo of every release that has been offered to date, so that all variations are documented.  Click on the camera icon to view.

Our website features photographs of every ESM product released from our first offering in 1987 forward, as well as a description and brief history of each item including reporting marks, date of last service, date of the reference photograph if known, release date of the model, list price and availability.  We update our site regularly as new products are introduced and current products are discontinued.

Subsequent releases of an item will have various printing detail differences than previous releases, making them unique in more than just having a different set of reporting marks.  When the release of an item differs from the general photograph on an item page, the camera icon will be present to allow viewing of the specific item release.

Our products are grouped by the categories in the menu above.  Hover the mouse pointer over the Products option to see a dropdown menu of the available product lines, and click on the product line desired.  The general page of the Product Line will appear.  Hover over the Product Line link to see a dropdown menu of the items in that product line.  Our Specialty Items product lines are arranged in similar fashion, and contain our non-prototypical commemorative releases as well as our high-end Sovereign Modeler Series™ line of products.  The In Stock page shows all available items and notes those that are in limited quantity.

Click on the Dealers option to see where you can find our products in your area.  Click on the Updates option to see the list of the items recently released, discontinued, and in production.  Click on the Print Ads option to see our latest magazine advertisements.  Watch videos of our products in action in the Video link!  Click on the ESM logo in the upper left corner of the page to return to the front page.

If our products are unavailable at your local dealer, you may order directly.  For U.S. domestic orders, shipping is USPS Priority Mail plus insurance and tracking for a total of $8.00.  Checks and money orders are accepted for domestic orders.  For foreign orders, shipping charges depend on products and quantities ordered.  Please click on the Shipping option above for further detail. 

We accept PayPal for U.S. domestic online orders, which usually are processed within two business days.  If ordering online, available items are placed in a shopping cart by clicking on the icon.  Made-to-order items can be requested by clicking on the icon, which will direct you to another site to place the order.  Click on the "view cart" icon at the upper right at any time to review items selected or to check out.  Foreign online orders are accepted under many circumstances.  Please email to confirm shipping costs and feasibility.  Items with a status of “In Stock” or “Quantities Limited” are available for purchase online.  A status of “Quantities Limited” indicates the item has limited stock available and will be discontinued when sold out.  An “Out of Stock” status indicates the item is temporarily unavailable until warehouse quantities are replenished.  Items marked “TBA” have been announced but either are in development or in production.  Items with a status of “Discontinued” are sold out and will not be replenished, while those with a status of “Canceled” were planned but will not be produced.  Please note that you may pay via credit card or electronic check via the PayPal system, and that a PayPal account is not required.

This site is best viewed in at least 16 million colors and a minimum of 800x600 resolution or better, with either the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser with JavaScript functionality enabled.  Please do not use any of the images on this site without the written permission of ESM.  Copyright © Eastern Seaboard Models Corporation, all rights reserved.

We welcome your feedback in regard to our products.  We also have a presence on Facebook and YouTube!  If you have a question or comment, please feel free to send us an email.

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These products are not toys and are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.